The Big Picture by Joel Salatin from The Grazier's School of Marketing and Social Media

Episode #23

Welcome to "The Stockman GrassFarmer Podcast," where our mission is to help create a healthy planet and people through profitable grass-based livestock production.

ğŸŽ™ï¸ Episode Highlights:

  • In this episode, we have the honor of hosting the legendary Joel Salatin, an icon in the world of sustainable farming and a staunch advocate for regenerative agriculture.

  • Joel takes us on a deep dive into "The Big Picture" from his recent talk at the Grazier's School of Marketing and Social Media.

  • Throughout the episode, Joel shares invaluable insights that promise to inspire and empower those passionate about sustainable farming and land stewardship.

🌾 Key Takeaways:

  • Joel emphasizes the holistic approach to sustainable farming, where everything is interconnected, from farming practices to marketing and social media.

  • Marketing with purpose and authenticity is essential in attracting conscious consumers who value sustainable practices.

  • Leveraging social media can be a powerful tool for farmers to amplify their message and connect with a broader audience.

🔗 Additional Resources:

  • For more information about all the talks at the Grazier's School of Marketing and Social Media, visit this link.

🌟 Closing Thoughts:

  • Grass farming is a 24/7 job, and farmers can't always get away. That's why "The Stockman GrassFarmer Podcast" exists, so you can listen while you work or go about your day, all on your schedule, whenever and wherever you want.

  • Stay tuned for more insightful episodes as we continue to explore the world of sustainable grass farming, sharing knowledge and inspiration to help you succeed in your journey toward a healthier planet and people.

Join us in making a positive impact in the world of grass-based livestock production! 🚜🌍