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You already know that grass farming is a common-sense approach and you value the honest living of farm families and farm communities. It wasn’t something you got into simply because it was *easy.* 

You got into grassfarming because:

It allows you to be a steward for the land...You were tired of seeing farming that destroys the land, when you can actually RESTORE the soil and the natural ecosystem.

You wanted to be part of a system that supports health—the health of the natural environment, while also allowing you to of your family, you were tired of farming that destroyed the land

You know it’s just common sense to grass have a bigger benefit even as you can reduce costs in your business.

And your actions have made a difference. For the health of your land, for families and communities, and...ultimately...for the planet. 

And you know that making a difference and making a profit on your farm aren’t mutually exclusive

And yet, you know you can have a bigger impact if you can be more efficient in your grassfarming.

Maybe you aren’t making the profit you know you could.

Maybe you don’t have the security you would like during these uncertain times.

And maybe, just maybe, you can leave this world a better place than you found it AND find more profit and security for your farm.  

Since 1947 The Stockman Grass Farmer has been devoted solely to the art and science of making a profit from grassland agriculture.

The Stockman Grass Farmer brings its readers the latest information on high profit grassland ideas from all over the world. Each month we profile leading farmers or ranchers with details as to how and why they are so successful. A major editorial emphasis is the need to structure the grassland farm or ranch so that it makes money 10 years in 10.

We cover natural grassfed and finished beef, pasture based dairying, grassfed lamb, pastured poultry and pork.

Our readers seek to use their ranches and farms as a way to make a living. The Stockman Grass Farmer is the only magazine focused entirely upon management-intensive grazing. 

At the heart of this revolution is the realization that we are not in the animal production business, we are in the grass business!

Thanks to this new emphasis on pasture quality, we have many readers who can produce feedlot-type average daily gains on pasture and at a quarter of the FEEDLOT’S cost. By combining growing animals and quality pasture, we frequently report return on investment figures in the 20 to 30% range.

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