Sheep: Corner the Profit with Abram Bowerman Part 1 of 3

Episode #22

Our mission is to help create a healthy planet and people through profitable grass-based livestock production.

This is part 1 from Abram Bowerman’s talk – Sheep: Corner the Profit at SGF’s  2022 Gathering at Polyface

Forge availability and labor are the biggest challenges limiting full-time shepherds.  Abram shares how he overcame these obstacles to become a self-financed grazier by the age of 25.  

He grazes multi-species with sheep as the centerpiece.

More about Stockman Grass Farmer's Gathering at Polyface

** Phenomenal lineup of speakers. - Troy H.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn from multiple respected leaders of the grassfed movement all in one place

■ Abram Bowerman - Sheep: Corner the Profit.

■ Steve Kenyon - Starting from Scratch.

■ Daniel Salatin - Ways to Move Livestock without Losing Your Marriage.

■ Joel Salatin - Designing Your Landscape.

■ Urban Customers: Christine Lewis, Cheryl Hilton, Patti Cheatham - Waking in Your Customer's Shoes.

■ Allen Williams - Growing Your Genetics from the Ground Up.

■ Will Winter - Ears Up for Herd Health.

Grassfarming is a 24-7 job and you can’t always get away.

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