What Really Determines Profitability in Grass Farming 3 of 3 with Jim Gerrish

Episode #15

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  • learn from the author of Management Intensive Grazing, Kick the Hay Habit, and Keeping It Green 

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Welcome to the SGF podcast! Our mission is to help create a healthy planet and people through profitable grass-based livestock production.

This episode comes from SGF’s Management Intensive Grazing School.

Jim Gerrish discusses “What Really Determines Profitability in Grass Farming”

Jim Gerrish is an independent grazing lands consultant providing service to farmers and ranchers on both private and public lands across the USA and internationally.

He can be contacted through http://www.americangrazinglands.com.

His books are available from the SGF Bookshelf (https://www.stockmangrassfarmer.com/bookshelf)

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the downloadable version of Kick the Hay Habit (read by Jim) is here


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