Qualities & Attributes of Forage Feb Beef with Anibal Pordomingo Part 1 of 4

Episode #11

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Anibal is a rancher/researcher from Argentina with a Ph.D. from New Mexico State University who has spent many years researching the nuances of grassfed beef. His research covers animal nutrition, production systems, feeds and feeding, and beef quality on grazing. Speaking engagements have taken him throughout South and North America, to France and Scotland. He has published numerous scientific papers and articles and is a frequent contributor and presenter for the StockmanGrass Farmer.

With his family he runs two farms of 1200 acres total with 260 cows in a cow-calf and stocker finishing program. 240 steers and heifers are grown and pasture finished each year in a 27-inch annual rainfall area using an improved perennial and annual pasture forage base.

This episode comes from SGF’s Grazier’s  Production School with Anibal. This is part 1 of 4 from the section “Quality & Attributes of Forage Fed Beef (Part 1)”. 

Allan Nation argued that the biggest problem for the grassfed industry is the huge range in eating quality, and that what matters most in consumer choice is the flavor and the tenderness of the beef!

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The two and one half day school was designed for graziers who want to compete based upon exceptional flavor and tenderness. 

Graziers attended said:

  • "Excellent school.  Anibal is a wonderful resource." ....Duncan B.
  • "Anibal was great.  He really added practical knowledge to research data and made the experience usable and applicable." ....Charles B.

This in-depth school takes you from birth to finish on grass and is designed to teach low-cost cow-calf, stocker and grass finishing using common perennial grasses and legumes.

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