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First start a business. Then you can choose to invest your after-tax surplus in deeded farm and ranch real estate.

The key point is to remember that lifestyle is a result of having gotten the (land and livestock) elements right.

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Land, Livestock, & Life (audiobook)

Do you know the new rules for profit in today's land and livestock game?

Ranching is presented as an incredibly complex "whole" made up of a lot of separate businesses that you must be good at to make a profit...the land, the livestock and the lifestyle.

Using successful grass farmers as examples, Allan explains how leasing land can add up to profits with lower risk than ownership, and can be a means for young people to get into grassland agriculture today.

For more insight and analysis into land-based financial issues such as protecting yourself from falling real estate prices without selling your ranch, order Land, Livestock and Life, A Grazier's Guide to Finance.

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