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Our #1 Bestseller has been EXPANDED and UPDATED for the millennium. A "must" read!

PA$TURE PROFIT$ WITH STOCKER CATTLE, Revised Edition by Allan Nation.

This revised edition has even more information on how to IMPROVE PROFITABILITY with less financial risk.

Completely new chapters cover:

  • Animal health
  • Cash flow versus inventory valuation
  • Running cows and stockers together
  • How to determine the correct stocking rate
  • Finishing cattle on pasture
  • How to use the commodity market without being used by commodity market
  • Running heifers, bulls, dairy beef calves and dairy replacements
  • And more.

In PA$TURE PROFIT$ WITH STOCKER CATTLE, Revised, Allan Nation illustrates his economic theories on stocker cattle by profiling Gordon Hazard. Famous in national beef cattle circles for his penny-pinching ways, Hazard has never lost a dime on stocker cattle in nearly 50 years of graziering. This revised edition shows how Hazard has accumulated and stocked an 1800-head ranch solely from retained stocker profits.

Pasture Profits With Stocker Cattle is an abridged version read by Kay Allen.

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Special Reports and Grazing Bites

Special Reports Bundle    (over 50 PDF pages

Developing Your Grazing Plan- Steve Kenyon

Steve Kenyon offers a guideline to help plan your cell design, calving season, stocking rate, swath grazing and cycling nutrients.  He shares tested tips and tricks to succeed.  

Stockmanship - Bud Williams

Learn how to think like your animals in order to handle livestock without stress on you or your animals.

Dairy Grazing - Kate Yegerlehner

How a dairy farm went from confinement to seasonal grassfed; experimenting with mob grazing, culling, nurse cows and dual purpose dairy cattle.

From The Grass UP

Develop your grazing skills with basic information on training animals to electric fences, pasture water systems, bale grazing, afternoon harvesting, forage establishment, and avoiding the top 10 mistakes of new graziers. 

Intensive Grazing - Burt Smith

An Introductory Homestudy Course by Burt Smith - This guide helps you take the first step with field exercises and a sample problem that will expose you to a whole different way of grazing animals.

The Basics of Controlled Rotations Grazing - R. L. Dalrymple

This booklet serves as a good introduction. Basic guidelines, terminology, weed control and fences are discussed.

Gazing Bites Collection (over 50 PDF pages)

  • The ABCs of MiG

Managment-intensive Grazing of MiG, as we call it, is a very important part of a quality pasture program. MiG is what puts the steering wheel, clutch and brake on your self-harvesting animal combine. For a brief outline of where to start, try the ABC's of MiG. Topics include: pasture subdivision, grazier terminology, pasture walks, reducing costs and planting fenceposts.

  • Grazing Goats 

Being a biological bushhog make goats ideal for MiG. Breeds - meat & dairy, vegetation control, breeding, grazing preferences, and cooking with goat are explored.



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