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The Grazier's Business School

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Are you dreaming of a grazing business that not only thrives but also leaves a positive impact on the land? Do you want to learn from the very best in the industry and unlock the secrets to sustainable and profitable grazing?

Your Dream Grazing Business Awaits!

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Session 1: Take This Farm and Love It with Joel Salatin 1:38:54

Join Joel as he shares his wisdom on loving your farm and nurturing it for success. Learn how to increase your profit so that you control the fate of your business.

Session 2: Peopling the Business with Steve Kenyon 1:29:11

Steven delves into the essential aspect of "Peopling" your farm business, ensuring you have the right team to thrive. Hear first-hand accounts and learn these profit producing steps.

Session 3: Empowering People with Joel Salatin 2:10:30

Joel returns to empower you with insights into cultivating a motivated and capable team. Get tried and true tips for business success.

Session 4: Economics with Steve Kenyon1:25:08

Steven demystifies the economics of farm management, helping you make informed decisions. Learn how economics is all about people.

Session 5 Finance with Steve Kenyon 37:27

Steve continues with personal examples to explain how there's so many opportunities out there to capture profit without reinventing the wheel.  Dive into financial strategies with Steven, navigating the financial aspects of your farm.

Session 6 Record Keeping with Joel Salatin 1:02:47

Joel provides valuable guidance on keeping records efficiently and effectively. Learn how to maximize your sells and profit from Polyface Farm's experiences.

Session 7 Time and Motion Study Part 1 with Joel Salatin 1:35:21

Learn the art of optimizing your time and resources with Joel's insightful time and motion study. Take your business and profits to the next level.

Session 8 Time and Motion Study Part 2 with Joel Salatin 21:37

Continue your journey with Joel, exploring further aspects of time and motion study. Learn from Joel with real life examples of "how to."

Session 9 Nitty Gritty with Steve Kenyon 1:12:36

Steven Kenyon delves into the nitty-gritty of farm management, addressing the crucial details.

Session 10: Leasing Land with Joel Salatin 1:34:42

Joel Salatin shares valuable insights into leasing land for your farm business. At the end of the two days, Joel concludes with the idea, encouragement, and inspiration.

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The Grazier's Business School


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The Grazier's Business School


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what people are saying... 


Great conference. I thought it was a good balance of thought provoking principles and concrete practical advice and illustrations. Joel and Steve make a good team. 


Great class!


Y’all are awesome. Thank you so much.