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The Stockman Grass Farmer's 2024 Gathering at Polyface

Soak up two days of information on soil, grazing, finance, and marketing from several of the best practitioners in the grass farming movement today. Nowhere else will you meet this caliber of experts in one place!!! All presentations will allow time to address your questions.

Live Event — In Person

August 22-23, 2024 

Swoope, Virginia

Visit with a select group of vendors and enjoy home cooked lunch from the fields of Polyface Farm each day.

Build new relationships with like minded producers. Two full days to soak up information.

 Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn from multiple respected leaders of the grassfed movement all in one place

I’m ecstatic to assemble the folks who keep me challenged and charged. These are the folks I’d pay to see and hear, and we’ve got them all in one place like one big fellowship. Don’t miss out. — Joel Salatin

  • Darren Doherty
  • Dan Kittredge
  • John Kempf
  • Tai Lopez
  • Michael Godfrey
  • Kit Pharo

Whether you’re new or seasoned in grass farming, large or small, these specialists will put you on the cutting edge.

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hear from past attendees...

** Great conference. I probably learned more in two days than a year alone in my fields. - Nzdon
** Awesome event. It was an honor to be here and meet you all. God bless you and thank you for what you all do. - Jmulvihill
** The presentation on soil health was outstanding, very informative and critical to figure differentiation of regenerative farming. -  T&AKaras
** Phenomenal lineup of speakers. - Troy H.
** Enjoyed all speakers!
** Good classes. Enjoyed sheep discussion. - WSellers.

Darren Doherty, originator of Regrarians Ltd.,is the world’s foremost farm landscape designer. With experience in 50 countries, his eclectic expertise spans Keyline® Design, Carbon Farming and Regenerative Agriculture. His broad hands-on understanding makes him the go-to guru for making your farmscape work for you. In two separate sessions, Darren takes you through fundamental design concepts to make your resource base more efficient, productive, profitable and enjoyable.

Dan Kittredge, founder of the Bionutrient Association, is the world’s foremost developer in the search for a nutrient meter. His goal is a workable handheld device that measures nutrient frequencies, giving a high/low reading for food in the raw state. The first comprehensive item he’s testing is beef. Nearly 500 analyzed samples show promising benefits of grassfed beef. You’ll learn as much as we know so far.

John Kempf, founder of Advancing Eco Agriculture, a plant nutrition and biostimulants consulting company, helps farmers by providing education, tools and strategies for soil fertility and plant/animal health. John has a unique ability to simplify complex concepts of soil and plant vibrancy. He offers cutting edge practical procedures to create the healthiest soil to grow the best grass and productive, profitable livestock.

Tai Lopez, founder of The Knowledge Society and worldwide entrepreneurial guru, will dissect the anatomy of a maverick, which describes all grass farmers. Being a successful maverick is key to being a successful grass farmer. What are the mental and emotional challenges and motivations of a maverick? This presentation offers practical advice to hone your entrepreneurial creativity and love being on the lunatic fringe.

Michael Godfrey, perhaps America’s foremost ornithologist, produces weekly featherflix videos on the relationships of birds and cattle. His bird identification app is the go-to source for bird watchers nationwide. Grassfarms and cattle can be managed to create wildlife and overall ecological synergy. What do grass farmers do well and what do they need to do better? These principles help us all be better stewards.

Kit Pharo is founder of Pharo Cattle Company, the largest grass-based seedstock producer in America. He brings a wealth of experience in both business and cattle management to the podium and speaks in staccatos of wise soundbites. Operating in several states with more than a hundred landlords, he partners with many farmers and ranchers to bring hardy genetics to the grass movement. His pithy sayings adorn many a barn wall with profound insight and humor; he’s a must see in grass farming.

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August 22-23, 2024  Swoope, Virginia

  • Live Event — In Person

  • Visit with a select group of vendors

  • Each day enjoy home cooked lunch from the fields of Polyface Farm
  • Option attend the speakers’ dinner.
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Two tickets


August 22-23, 2024  Swoope, Virginia

  • Live Event — In Person

  • Visit with a select group of vendors

  • Each day enjoy home cooked lunch from the fields of Polyface Farm
  • Option attend the speakers’ dinner.
RESERVE your places TODAY

For an extra fee of $100 ten lucky attendees can attend the speakers’ dinner. Option can be added at checkout.

* A fee of $50 will apply for necessary cancellations.

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