The Stockman Grass Farmer's Gathering at Polyface

Soak up two days of information on soil, grazing, finance, and marketing from several of the best practitioners in the grass farming movement today.

Stockman Grass Farmer Gathering at Polyface

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn from multiple respected leaders of the grassfed movement all in one place

■ Abram Bowerman - Sheep: Corner the Profit.

■ Steve Kenyon - Starting from Scratch.

■ Daniel Salatin - Ways to Move Livestock.

■ Joel Salatin - Designing Your Landscape.

■ Urban Customers: Christine Lewis, Cheryl Hilton, Patti Cheatham - Waking in Your Customer's Shoes.

■ Allen Williams - Growing Your Genetics from the Ground Up.

■ Will Winter - Ears Up for Herd Health.

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** Great conference. I probably learned more in two days than a year alone in my fields. - Nzdon
** Awesome event. It was an honor to be here and meet you all. God bless you and thank you for what you all do. - Jmulvihill
** The presentation on soil health was outstanding, very informative and critical to figure differentiation of regenerative farming. -  T&AKaras
** Phenomenal lineup of speakers. - Troy H.
** Enjoyed all speakers!
** Good classes. Enjoyed sheep discussion. - WSellers.

Joel Salatin - Designing Your Landscape.  Not only has Joel and his team designed the highly efficient Polyface home farm, but they have also developed nearly 20 other nearby properties in the overall business portfolio.  This fast paced and highly practical session will help you see what the Polyface team sees when they first enter a property and how they create a functional and efficient multi-species unit on that land.

Steve Kenyon - Starting from Scratch.  Starting a farm from nothing is one thing but keepig it cash flowing year after year is quite another.  Steve will explain how figuring margins, opportunity costs and monthly income kept him solvent as he grew from zero to 1400 head of cattle on 3500 acres of leased land.


Daniel Salatin - Ways to Move Livestock.  Everyone who has worked with livestock (pigs for sure) has a loading story.  Daniel will look at real farm scenarios for moving, transporting, handling and caring for all stock.

Urban Customers:  Christine Lewis, Cheryl Hilton, Patti Cheatharm - Walking in Your Customer's Shoes.  Three loyal urban pastured meat customers will tell their stories staring with why they buy, what they buy and how they face the logistical hurdles of buying.  Farmers think differently, have different daily schedules and lives than urban customers.  This session will change your marketing message and the way you view your potential customers.

Allen Williams - Growing Your Genetics from the Ground Up.  Did you know that the best genetics start with the soil and not in the womb?  For outstanding genetics and epigenetics, the health of our soil plays a significant role.

Will Winter - Ears Up for Herd Health.  SGF's favorite maverick veterinarian brings his wealth of experience to explain herd health from signs like "ears up" to non pharmaceutical solutions, minerals and nutritional essentials.  Will makes wellness a fun topic and achievable goal.

Abram Bowerman - Sheep: Corner the Profit.  Forge availability and labor are the biggest challenges limiting full-time shepherds.  Abram shares how he overcame these obstacles to become a self-financed grazier by the age of 25.  He grazes multi-species with sheep as the centerpiece.

Plus: All Speaker Panel

Abram Bowerman - Steve Kenyon - Daniel Salatin - Joel Salatin - Urban Customers - Allen Williams - Will Winter