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Developing Your Grazing Plan Steve Kenyon

Stockmanship Bud Williams

Dairy Grazing Kate Yegerlehner

From The Grass UP various authors

Intensive Grazing Burt Smith

The Basics of Controlled Rotations Grazing R. L. Dalrymple


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The Stockman GrassFarmer 2020 PDF editions

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Our mission is to create a healthy planet and people through profitable grass-based livestock production. 

The Stockman Grassfarmer has been doing business since 1947 and helping graziers of all kinds and from all parts of the world.

In each issue of our monthly magazine, you'll get tips, strategies, and approaches that could change your grassfarming...that can help you work smarter and increase your profit. . .

GrassFarming is a 24/7 job, so our goal in the digital office is to equip you with information whenever and wherever in order to achieve the SGF mission. Simply put:

✅Work smarter

✅Make more profit

✅Learn from master farmers and businesspeople

That's exactly what this is designed to do.