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Do you know the rules for profit in today's land and livestock game?

Ranching is presented as an incredibly complex "whole" made up of a lot of separate businesses that you must be good at to make a profit...the land, the livestock and the lifestyle.

Using successful grass farmers as examples, Allan explains how leasing land can add up to profits with lower risk than ownership, and can be a means for young people to get into grassland agriculture today.

He emphasizes,

"First start a business. Then you can choose to invest your after-tax surplus in deeded farm and ranch real estate."

"The key point is to remember that lifestyle is a result of having gotten the (land and livestock) elements right."

For more insight and analysis into land-based financial issues such as protecting yourself from falling real estate prices without selling your ranch, order Land, Livestock and Life, A grazier's guide to finance.

All in downloadable .mp3 files

SGF's Mega Audio Bundle

Normally sold for $18 each on the SGF Main website. All talks are in mp3 format and instantly downloadable. 

All talks are in mp3 format and instantly downloadable.

Grazier's Money Conference (2007)

Making Money Grazing

Bud Williams shows you that there is a profit for those who structure their ranches correctly.

10 Transitional Steps

Joel Salatin tells how he transitioned the management and responsibility of his farm to a young adult.

New Salatin Enterprises

Joel discusses the huge expansion his firm has undergone, why they expanded and how they did it while avoiding debt. 

Keep the Ranch Fund Your Retirement

Richard Perry describes how he monitors the interest rate and business cycle to decide what and when to buy and sell in his off-ranch investments. 

Major Life Changes

Jim Gerrish relates the process he used to get his family on board with his dream of living on a small, remote Idaho ranch and leaving a secure farm in Missouri.

No Land? No Money? No Problem!

By changing his business structure, Greg Judy was not only able to get out of debt but he expanded his grazing operation.

Custom Grazier's Conference (2005)

Getting Started in Custom Grazing

Greg Judy went from the brink of bankruptcy to a prospering operation with little risk thanks to custom grazing and he'll tell you how he did it.

Custom Grazing Basics

Jim Gerrish discovered custom grazing late in his ranch's development but it made a big difference.  He'll tell you how he would do it if he were to do it again.

The Custom Grazing Client's Point of View

Allan Nation will go through the business and economics of custom grazing from the client's view giving you tips to keep him as a client for life

The Grazier's Point of View

Greg Judy goes through the economics of custom grazing from the grazier's view giving you margins, fears and tips to get him as a grazier for life.

Getting the Hay Out

There is virtually nothing you can do that will increase your return more than going to hayless ranching. Jim Gerrish shows you how this can be done in almost all climates.

Grassfed Beef and Custom Grazing

Jon Taggart discusses how he was able to develop a profitable grassfed beef business while maintaining a monthly income from custom grazing.

Oldies but Goodies

A Profit for 15 Years Straight 

Oklahoma cow-calf/stocker rancher, Walt Davis, has been in the black for 15 years straight. He will detail the changes he did to make profit an every year event, including the biggest change - the one in his head!

Putting Yourself in Control of Your Ranch 

Ranch management consultant, Stan Parsons' proven economic principles work rain or drought for ranches, livestock and finances.  Stan tells how some ranches are structured to fail economically and how to redo for long term profitability.

Marketing Livestock 

Bud Williams will expand your mind about the many ways you can market livestock today: commodity cash, futures and direct markets.

Take a Look at Sheep 

Hudson Glimp shows you how to make some serious money from a relatively small family farm.

Organic Grass Finished Production School (2007)

Soils, Minerals, and Animal Health 

Herd health consultant, Will Winter, shows how soils & minerals contribute to a successful grassfed beef operation, how to develop a strategy to build organic matter in your soils, and how to increase the bio-diversity of your farm.

Preventive Approach to Animal Health 

Ann Wells discusses good farming practices without using synthetic chemicals and preventing disease by holistic management of animal, soil & forages.

Flies, Parasites and Creepy Crawlies 

Grazing management for parasite & pest control is presented as vital by organic vet, Ann Wells.  Multiple species, herbs, forage diversity and use of weather are some of the management tips talked about.

Organic Certification

Grassfed meats have the best chance of being the most profitable organic product. Get tips on how from Margaret Scoles, the executive director of the Independent Organic Inspectors.

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