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Want to add the audiobook Land, Livestock, & Life by Allan Nation for $19.95 and save more?

Do you know the rules for profit in today's land and livestock game?

Ranching is presented as an incredibly complex "whole" made up of a lot of separate businesses that you must be good at to make a profit...the land, the livestock and the lifestyle.

Using successful grass farmers as examples, Allan explains how leasing land can add up to profits with lower risk than ownership, and can be a means for young people to get into grassland agriculture today.

He emphasizes,

"First start a business. Then you can choose to invest your after-tax surplus in deeded farm and ranch real estate."

"The key point is to remember that lifestyle is a result of having gotten the (land and livestock) elements right."

For more insight and analysis into land-based financial issues such as protecting yourself from falling real estate prices without selling your ranch, order Land, Livestock and Life, A grazier's guide to finance.

All in downloadable .mp3 files

The Grazier's Marketing and Metro Buying Club Bundle

Normally sold for $18 each on the SGF Main website. All talks are in mp3 format and instantly downloadable. 

All talks are in mp3 format and instantly downloadable.

Scaling Up Sales by Joel Salatin

Joel Salatin encourages graziers to leverage everything, utilize the "nooks and crannies" and hang additional enterprises around the centerpiece business.  Marketing is all about the people and using your customer base to expand your profits.

Marketing and Business by Joel Salatin

Multiple venues that worked and did not work for Joel Salatin's Polyface farm. Joel shares his knowledge based on first hand experience with interns, apprentices, subcontractors, farmers' markets and more.

Bigger Profits With Bundling by Joel Salatin

Joel Salatin encourages direct marketers to develop a one stop shop with a diversity of "aha" products handled by a team of customer friendly complementary people.  It's all about making it easy for the customer to buy more.

Keep the Ranch, Fund Your Retirement by Richard Perry

Richard Perry describes how he monitors the interest rate and business cycle to decide what and when to buy and sell in his off-ranch investments.

Subscription Meat Marketing by David Evans

David Evans tells how he sells the whole grassfed carcass with the West Coast version of Salatin's Metro Buying Club.

Marketing Livestock by Bud Williams

This is an audio recording of an oldie but goodie. Bud Williams will expand your mind about the many ways you can market livestock today: commodity cash, futures and direct markets.

Why Farmers Should Direct Market by Joel Salatin

This is from The Grazier’s Marketing School. Joel Salatin discusses “The Cornerstones of Direct Marketing” and explores the 5 key elements that every grazier should consider.

Metro Buying Club by Joel Salatin

The highly successful Metro Buying Club developed by Joel Salatin offers a model to follow. This really works and Joel tells you how to do it right!

Growing Metro Buying Clubs by Sheril Salatin

Sheri Salatin picks up what Joel started and continues to grow Polyface's Metro Buying Clubs.  She shares the nitty-gritty successful social media details that will save you research time and money.  Joel gives a brief introduction on how the clubs got started.

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