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With today’s grazing management systems, the cost of making hay far exceeds its value to grazing businesses. Studies have shown that winter feed costs are the largest single factor limiting the profitability for most livestock operations. In virtually every area of the USA, year-around grazing - without hay - is possible. Yet many graziers are still making hay.

Have you ever taken the time to figure out how much making hay costs you?

Are you still making hay because you’ve always done so and can’t imagine raising livestock without it?

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Pasture Profits (pdf)

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Our #1 Bestseller has been EXPANDED and UPDATED for the millennium. A "must" read!

PA$TURE PROFIT$ WITH STOCKER CATTLE, Revised Edition by Allan Nation. This revised edition has even more information on how to IMPROVE PROFITABILITY with less financial risk.

Completely new chapters cover:

  • Animal health
  • Cash flow versus inventory valuation
  • Running cows and stockers together
  • How to determine the correct stocking rate
  • Finishing cattle on pasture
  • How to use the commodity market without being used by commodity market
  • Running heifers, bulls, dairy beef calves and dairy replacements
  • And more.

In PA$TURE PROFIT$ WITH STOCKER CATTLE, Revised, Allan Nation illustrates his economic theories on stocker cattle by profiling Gordon Hazard. Famous in national beef cattle circles for his penny-pinching ways, Hazard has never lost a dime on stocker cattle in nearly 50 years of graziering. This revised edition shows how Hazard has accumulated and stocked an 1800-head ranch solely from retained stocker profits.

While this book is sure to create controversy in the traditional beef community, Nation backs his views with dollars and sense budgets, including one showing investors how to double their money in a year by investing in stockers.

Truly outstanding, something no cattleman should be without-at least if he depends on grass for his sustenance.

Livestock Weekly

Filled with good information on running a stocker cattle business, the book provides information that can be applied to improve business management techniques for other businesses as well.

Small Farm Today

A neighbor loaned your book to me last week. After 30 minutes skimming through it, I knew I had to have my own copy. Getting started without a big debt load is exactly what my wife and I have been trying to figure out.

Mike Wahler McVeytown PA