Multi-Species Grazing School

with Greg Judy

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Greg Judy will explain how to: 

  • Give your customers more product options. Load your wagon to become their one-stop shop for grassfed products. 
  • Work with Nature to beautify your landscape while sanitizing pastures and building soil. 
  • Increase your bottom line. Switch focus when one market is high and another low. 
  • Select and develop adaptable low-maintenance, easy-keeping seedstock for multi-species operations. 
  • Create low cost water systems, fencing and low-maintenance handling facilities. 
  • Select and train the proper guardian animal to fit your farm needs. 
  • Put it all together using multiple grazing methods - leader-follower, one mob, strip grazing, rest periods and graze-to-trample ratios.
  • Getting started with silvopasture. 
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Day 1

  • The Pros and Cons of Multi-species Grazing (1:27:50)
  • Optimizing Daily Animal Performance with Multi-species on Pasture (1:23:12)
  • Selecting and Developing A Low Maintenance Easy Keeping Seedstock for Grazing (1:47:08)
  • Securing and Developing Leased Land for Multi-species Grazing (1:13:12)

Day 2

  • Water, Fencing, and Handling Facilities Part 1 (1:12:12)
  • Water, Fencing, and Handling Facilities Part 2 (45:13)
  • Selecting and Training the Proper Guardian Animal (that Fits You and Your Farm) (1:10:36)
  • Embracing Nature-The Key To Building A Healthy, Profitable, Multi-species Farm (1:45:40)
  • Developing Grass Savannah With Livestock To Increase Profit (37:51)

Ask Greg Judy


"Few folks involved in holistic planned grazing or grass-finished beef would argue with the statement that Greg Judy is a leader in the field of sustainable ranching. "

Ann Adams
Director of Education- Holistic Management International

Author of No Risk Ranching and Comeback Farms, Greg Judy grazes 1620 acres on his own and leased land. Beginning with  custom grazing cattle, he has added sheep and pigs. He is convinced that the best way to get into the grazing business is to lease fallow land  and employ high density grazing to jump start the soil life into a productive pasture.  

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PLUS you'll also get: Access to Members-Only Grazier's Online Community

This bonus will connect you with other grassfamers *just like you.* Those who can help you work through ideas, answer questions, and come up with how you can apply all your new found knowledge.

You might have heard of the phrase "braintrust?" When you put a group of like minded people together and use all their brainpower, you can be unstoppable, confident in your decisions, and have your own personal set of grassfarming advisors! People who have amazing strategies you might not have heard of. Who go through what you are going through. Who understand this unique industry and can offer support and opportunities to work through challenges, as well as celebrate your wins. 

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Bonus #1: Audio Recorded live at SGF Conferences

Downloadable MP3 format

SGF's Greatest Hits ($72 value)

  • Making Money Grazing by Bud Williams 
  • The Custom Grazing Client's Point of View by Allan Nation
  • Putting Yourself in Control of Your Ranch by Stan Parsons
  • Soils, Minerals, and Animal Health by Will Winter

Making Money Grazing by Bud Williams

From the 2007 Grazier's Money Conference, Bud shows you that there is a profit for those who structure their ranches correctly.

The Custom Grazing Client's Point of View by Allan Nation

From 2005 Custom Grazier's Conference, Allan will go through the business and economics of custom grazing from the client's view giving you tips to keep him as a client for life

Putting Yourself in Control of Your Ranch by Stan Parsons

From Oldies but Goodies Collection, ranch management consultant, Stan Parsons' proven economic principles work rain or drought for ranches, livestock and finances.  Stan tells how some ranches are structured to fail economically and how to redo for long term profitability.

Soils, Minerals, and Animal Health by Will Winter

From 2007 Organic Grass Finished Production School, herd health consultant, Will Winter, shows how soils & minerals contribute to a successful grassfed beef operation, how to develop a strategy to build organic matter in your soils, and how to increase the bio-diversity of your farm.

Bonus #2 Special Reports Bundle ($60 Value)    

(over 50 PDF pages) 

Developing Your Grazing Plan- Steve Kenyon

Steve Kenyon offers a guideline to help plan your cell design, calving season, stocking rate, swath grazing and cycling nutrients.  He shares tested tips and tricks to succeed.  

Stockmanship - Bud Williams

Learn how to think like your animals in order to handle livestock without stress on you or your animals.

Dairy Grazing - Kate Yegerlehner

How a dairy farm went from confinement to seasonal grassfed; experimenting with mob grazing, culling, nurse cows and dual purpose dairy cattle.

From The Grass UP

Develop your grazing skills with basic information on training animals to electric fences, pasture water systems, bale grazing, afternoon harvesting, forage establishment, and avoiding the top 10 mistakes of new graziers. 

Intensive Grazing - Burt Smith

An Introductory Homestudy Course by Burt Smith - This guide helps you take the first step with field exercises and a sample problem that will expose you to a whole different way of grazing animals.

The Basics of Controlled Rotations Grazing - R. L. Dalrymple

This booklet serves as a good introduction. Basic guidelines, terminology, weed control and fences are discussed.

Bonus #3: Grazing Bites from SGF

Downloadable PDF format

Gazing Bites Collection (over 50 PDF pages) ($20 Value)

  • The ABCs of MiG

Managment-intensive Grazing of MiG, as we call it, is a very important part of a quality pasture program. MiG is what puts the steering wheel, clutch and brake on your self-harvesting animal combine. For a brief outline of where to start, try the ABC's of MiG. Topics include: pasture subdivision, grazier terminology, pasture walks, reducing costs and planting fenceposts.

  • Grazing Goats 

Being a biological bushhog make goats ideal for MiG. Breeds - meat & dairy, vegetation control, breeding, grazing preferences, and cooking with goat are explored. 

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One time payment Discount

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Access to Grazier's Community 

Bonus #1: SGF's Greatest Hits Vol 1 ($72 value)

Bonus #2: Special Reports Bundle ($60 value)

Bonus #3: Grazing Bites ($20 value)

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Significant pre-evergreen Discount

Loyalty Program

Lifetime Course Access

10+ hours of on demand video 

Updates of course for life

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Access to Grazier's Community 

Bonus #1: SGF's Greatest Hits Vol 1 ($72 value)

Bonus #2: Special Reports Bundle ($60 value)

Bonus #3: Grazing Bites ($20 value)


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"I have been to a few conferences up North and this was by far the best one I have ever been to. Greg is awesome. "

Justin C.
Live Attendee 2021

"School was awesome! Thank you. "

Elijah M.
Live Attendee 2021

"Thank you for putting on such an amazing event at the Multi-species Grazing School with Greg Judy. I learned so much and felt so welcomed at the event. It was amazing! "

Rodger P.
Live Attendee 2021

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-Suzie Pooley Webb

Stockman Grassfarmer Business Manager

 ... And this is exactly what this school will allow you to do: work smarter and make a profit.

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