Grazier's Production School: A Seminar with Anibal Pordomingo & Allan Nation

This school was designed for graziers who want to compete based upon exceptional flavor and tenderness.  

The two and one half day SGF School has been professionally video taped.  

"Gourmet Grassfed" is frequently used in grassfed advertising but few of us can live up to the promise. In this seminar, Anibal and Allan give you the knowledge of how to produce such a product. It then will require a lot of patience and practice on your part to be able to consistently do it. Gourmet grassfed beef can be done, and Allan and Anibal discuss how.

If you are considering: grass finishing, hayless wintering, or changing calving seasons.....

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"In all my travels, I have not found anyone with as much expertise and grass finishing knowledge applicable to our harsh North American climate conditions as Dr. Anibal Pordomingo. Every time I hear him speak, I learn something new."

Allan Nation
former editor of Stockman Grassfarmer

Topics Covered Include:

  • Factors Affecting Beef Flavor & Tenderness
  • Omega 3 & CLA in Grassfed Beef.
  • Factors Affecting Grade and Carcass Yield: Argentine Style Butchering to Maximize Steak Cuts. Overview of Beef Genetics.
  • Perennial and Annual Forages.
  • Designing a program for your own Ranch.
  • Maximizing Carcass Yield
  • Heifers Versus Steers
  • Cow-calf Versus Purchased Stockers
  • Seasonal Versus Year-Around Production
  • Haylage Versus Hay
  • Choosing A Base Forage
  • Cattle Genetics For Easy Finishing
  • Forages For Long Periods of High Gains
  • Successful Finishing On Stored Forages
  • Maximizing Omega-3 And CLA Content
  • Avoiding Legume Bloat
  • Avoiding The Washy Pasture Syndrome
  • Choosing The Best Calving Season
  • Weight Gain Advantages From Delayed Weaning
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This school...

Covers from birth to finish on grass.

Teaches low-cost cow-calf, stocker and grass finishing using common grasses and legumes.

Is online whenever and wherever you want to watch (or rewatch).

Would you like to know how Allan Nation met Anibal?

We'll let him describe the meeting and better introduce Anibal in this clip from Grazier's Production School.


This includes over 15 hours of seminar.:

Overview (0:49:29)

by Allan Nation

Quality & Attributes of Forage-fed Beef Part 1 (2:04:18)

by Anibal Pordomingo

Quality & Attributes of Forage-fed Beef Part 2 (2:08:46)

by Anibal Pordomingo

Argentine Beef Cuts (0:53:37)

by Anibal Pordomingo

The Forage Base Part 1 (3:19:38)

by Anibal Pordomingo

The Forage Base Part 2 (2:45:48)

by Anibal Pordomingo

4 La Elda (1:35:24)

by Anibal Pordomingo

Stored Feeds (1:05:27)

by Anibal Pordomingo

Conclusions (0:46:25)

by Allan Nation

plus: the 125 page workbook used in the seminar in PDF

from Forage base Part 1

here's a 10 minute sample from the The Forage Base Part 1 (3:19:38) section


The purpose of this school is

  • To help you start with an easy-to-succeed program.
  • To help you identify the "finishing window" in your perennial pastures.
  • To help you discover forages that can extend this finishing window.
  • To help you identify genetics that best match your grass and business plan.
  • To show you the problems and possibilities inherent with stored forages.
  • To help you identify sources of off-flavors in your animal's meat.
  • To help you determine the ideal aging period, its benefits and drawbacks.
  • To show you what produces differences in carcass yield.
  • To show you why some animals marble and others don't.
  • To show you product alternatives to hamburger.
  • To help you deal with your fear of legume bloat.
  • To give you an overview of finished beef economics.
  • To help you produce a truly "grassfed gourmet" product.
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"Anibal was great. He really added practical knowledge to research data and made the experience usable and applicable."

Charles B.

"A lot of information in a short amount of time. Anibal is a very knowledgeable resource."

James S.

"Excellent school. Anibal is a wonderful resource. I appreciated the excellent quality of written materials in the binder."

Duncan B.

"I will be understanding this information for years to come. Layer upon layer of wisdom and knowledge."

Kay A.


15 + hours of video  

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What I see is that farming is being done smarter. People are using the resources they have more wisely. There are new ways to do things that will actually help you make a profit. -Suzie Pooley Webb

... And this is exactly what this school will allow you to do: work smarter and make a profit.

Do you want to do these things in your ranching business?


Work smarter so you don't waste time doing things that aren't going to drive your grass-farming forward


Make more profit in your business so you create more ease in your life


Get all the knowledge you need to feel confident with any techniques you use or any decisions you make


...And this is exactly what this school will allow you to do: work smarter and make a profit.

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