Grassroots of Grazing with Jim Gerrish

Two days with the author of Management Intensive Grazing, Kick the Hay Habit, and Keeping it Green!

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This is an “On-demand” training that you can access at any time. It is a go at your own pace training so you don’t have to worry about missing anything. Grassroots of Grazing is available as streaming video and as a DVD set. Monthly payment plans are available for both.


For the streaming video, you will receive an email with your login details on where you’ll be able to access the training once your payment is submitted.


The DVDs are custom maid. Please allow 5 weeks for shipping.


Covered in the two day school is 

  • how to figure the carrying capacity of animals on pasture. 
  • how to build a better solar panel. What you can do to make every drop of water count. 
  • how to utilize electric fence, water systems and grazing cell design.
  • why biodiversity matters.
  • when to set up fixed vs. flexible grazing cells
  • strategies for year-around grazing
  • how to kick the hay habit and virtually eliminate this costly input
  • how to match livestock with forage resources. How to stockpile winter feed and use annuals to extend the grazing season
  • how to keep infrastructure costs reasonable
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What students are saying...


Grassroots of Grazing


(payment plan option)

8+ hours of on demand video 
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Access to Grazier's Community 
Bonus #1: spreadsheet calculators created by Jim
Bonus #2: Planning for Year Round Grazing downloadable audio
Bonus #3: Understanding Stocking Ratio and Carrying Capacity downloadable audio
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Grassroots of Grazing


(payment plan option)

8+ hours of on demand video 
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"This seminar was absolutely worth the cost and 500 mile drive. Jim answered all my questions and made me think about other things!"

Harvey Schulte

"This is the best course I have taken in ten years."

John Ewanek

"A class like this is going to help make the ranch more profitable."

Brandi Carlon

"Jim Gerrish is very good at putting the practical numbers to it. He knows them backwards and forwards."

Jaren Kerst

What I see is that farming is being done smarter. People are using the resources they have more wisely. There are new ways to do things that will actually help you make a profit. 

-Suzie Pooley Webb

Stockman Grassfarmer Business Manager

 ... And this is exactly what this school will allow you to do: work smarter and make a profit.

JIM GERRISH currently lives in Idaho where he manages a ranch unit consisting of 450 center-pivot, irrigated pastures, 90 acres of flood ground, and several hundred acres of rangeland. He also spent 22 years in north-central Missouri at the University of Missouri-Forage Systems Resource Center researching and emphasizing sustainability with family farms including his own.

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