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SGF's Salatin System

from the America's most famous farmer and your trusted source of grassfarming news

Why Farmers Should Direct Market


This school...

Covers a variety of marketing topics useful for the grazier of many species.

Teaches timeless information from "America's Most Famous Farmer".

Is online with crystal clear video and graphics whenever and wherever you want to watch (or rewatch).

In the two day school, we cover:


Day 1

  • Why Farmers Should Direct Market
  • The Big Picture
  • Marketing Matters
  • Metropolitan Buying Clubs

Day 2

  • Pricing and Bundling
  • Scaling up, Collaborations, Commissions, Partnerships
  • Marketing to Restaurants
  • Assets and Liabilities 
  • Social Media
  • How to Start

Advanced Tips

  • Writing Tutorial
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Module 1: Why Farmers Should Direct Market with Joel Salatin

Learn how direct marketing can easily increase your profit so that you know you can control the fate of your business using marketing as a tool.

Module 2: The Big Picture with Joel Salatin

Learn about the notion of the entitled consumer and how marketing is foundationally all about people and using your customer base to expand your profits.

Module 3: Marketing Matters with Carolyn Nation

Get tried and true tips for business success so you don't have to reinvent the wheel


Module 4: Metro Buying Club with Sheri Salatin

Learn a first-hand account of a strategy to add more income than you've already got.

Module 5: The Big Picture continued… with Joel Salatin

Joel continues where he left off with personal examples to explain how there's so, many opportunities out there, and your business needs to be branded and direct marketed in order to capture all of that.

Module 6: Pricing and Bundling with Joel Salatin

Learn how to price and bundle your goods to maximize your sells and profit


Module 7: Scaling Up with Joel Salatin

Learn how to scale so you can take your business and profits to the next level.

Module 8: Marketing to Restaurants with  Sheri Salatin

Learn how to use already existing audiences to grow the size of your business with these day-to-day tips and strategies used by Polyface Farm.

Module 9: Assets and Liabilities with Joel Salatin

Learn how to stop, collaborate, and listen. And the importance of picking your conversations.

Module 10: Social Media with Joel Salatin

Learn how to extend your reach without having to leaving your farm and to take advantage of free marketing opportunities.

Module 11: How to Start with Joel Salatin

At the end of the two days, what now? Joel concludes with the idea, encouragement, and inspiration that "It's not about speed, it's about movement." Also, he explains the T-shirt sold in Polyface's gift shop: "if it's worth doing, it's worth doing poorly first."

Module 12: Writing Tutorial with Joel Salatin

Learn Joel's tips to grab your audience's attention and create bigger profits as he applies tips to live examples.


Each module contains a streaming video, an audio download, and transcript.

"Joel kept us laughing and he just seems like a book of knowledge...The things I take back from this I can easily incorporate...I highly recommend this program because it's extremely beneficial and not just to agricultural producers"

Samatha James

"The school was excellent. Joel's a phenomenal teacher that is funny, informative, and concisely to the point."

Pak Fung

"Learning from Joel is like drinking from a water hose. He’s got so many ideas, and it's fantastic. This has been worth far more than the investment. "

Brian Wort

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What I see is that farming is being done smarter. People are using the resources they have more wisely. There are new ways to do things that will actually help you make a profit. 

-Suzie Webb  Stockman Grassfarmer Business Manager

 ... And this is exactly what this school will allow you to do: work smarter and make a profit.


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