Grass and Genetics with Allen Williams

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How do you select genetically superior grassfed livestock?

Whether your main enterprise is beef, dairy, pigs, lamb, goats or poultry, Allen Williams will explain how at The Stockman Grass Farmer’s Grass & Genetics School

This SGF school will cover:

  • The economics of a genetically superior herd/flock.
  • The foundational basics of linebreeding - Why? How? Who?
  • Critical factors and traits affecting phenotype and genotype.
  • Key phenotypic traits to look for in selecting the right individuals for breeding stock.
  • The three most important traits to select for.
  • How to build a truly efficient and trouble-free herd or flock.
  • How to develop a working plan for a genetically superior herd or flock.
  • And how to recognize a truly finished animal that is ready for market.

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Day 1

The Basis of Sound Genetics (1:50)

Selecting Best Breeding Genetics (1:24)

Cow Phenotype (0:57)

Role of Epigenetics (1:10)

The Problem (0:40)

Day 2

Healthier Soil (1:54)

Basis of Linebreeding (1:26)

Livestock Genetics (1:47)

"Great program. "

S. Hudson
Live Attendee 2020

"Great course and subject depth by Allen and the emphasis on connectedness of epigenetics of the cow."

S. Sharif
Live Attendee 2020

"We continue to learn with each seminar we attend. It helps for owner and manager both to hear the same presentation."

Live Attendee 2020


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What I see is that farming is being done smarter. People are using the resources they have more wisely. There are new ways to do things that will actually help you make a profit. 

-Suzie Pooley Webb

Stockman Grassfarmer Business Manager

 ... And this is exactly what this school will allow you to do: work smarter and make a profit.